• A Cat Cafe in Downtown Orlando

  • A Cat Cafe in Downtown Orlando


About Us

The Kitty Beautiful, downtown Orlando's cat cafe, is open again during the pandemic. We are operating limited hours, with a lower capacity, 12-6 Wednesdays to Sundays, closed Monday and Tuesday. Our food and drink menu is limited and we do require facemasks to enter. We are located at 360 State Lane, between Livingston and Robinson, one block west of Orange Avenue.

For the most up to date information, follow us on Facebook. If you have questions please contact us at thekittybeautiful@gmail.com.

What is a cat cafe?

On one side, our cat cafe is just a regular place to get pastries, coffee, teas, freshly made organic juices, kombucha, locally sourced snacks and beer and wine. It's a place to bring your laptop and use free Wi-Fi while you enjoy a good morning pick me up. Order a drink from our friendly purristas. Or a place to unwind during a busy day.

But the other side of a cat cafe is that it is an attraction where cats can be watched and played with.

Patrons pay a small cover fee and go into a separate room to play with and hang out with a bunch of free roaming, fully adoptable cats.

The world's first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998. A few years later, they started to open in Japan, which is where the concept took off. The concept spread to Europe and then to the United States in 2014. Cat cafes in the United States differ from those in many other countries with their focus on adoptions. So you can come down to a cat cafe, grab lunch or a snack, get a coffee, go play with cats, and if you fall in love, adopt them and take them home.


We host cats from our adoption partner, CATS CAN. All of our cats are spayed/neutered, tested for feline leukemia and feline aids; administered age appropriate vaccines, treated for parasites, and all microchipped. And they are adoptable!


Coffees, tea, hand crafted sodas, freshly made organic juices, beer and wine, sandwiches, soups and more! A great place for a quick drink or snack even without the cats!


A place to come and relax, use the Wi-Fi, play a board game, borrow or leave a book from our free library, and connect with people as well as felines. Cat Yoga, "mewvie nights," local artists and more.

Meet Our Cats

Our feline friends are our main attraction and are almost all available for adoption. We usually have around 10-15 cats at any time from our non-profit cat adoption partner, CATS CAN.

Please note our cat guests may change without notice due to adoptions and other reasons.

  • Bongo

    House Kitty!

    Age: 2
    Gender: Male

  • Rocinante

    House Kitty!

    Age: 8
    Gender: Male

  • Jaromir

    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Arrived: 12/17

  • Whitney

    Age: 6 mo.
    Gender: Female
    Arrived: 1/28

  • Pickles

    Age: 3
    Gender: Male
    Arrived: 1/29

  • Lexi

    Age: 6 mo.
    Gender: Female
    Arrived: 2/11

  • Ripple

    Age: 3
    Gender: Female
    Arrived: 2/21

  • Charlie

    Age: 3
    Gender: Male
    Arrived: 2/21

  • Gabrielle

    Age: 2
    Gender: Female
    Arrived: 2/25

  • Hope

    Age: 1
    Gender: Female
    Arrived: 2/25

  • Nevada

    Age: 9 mo.
    Gender: Male
    Arrived: 2/25

  • Dakota

    Age: 9 mo.
    Gender: Male
    Arrived: 2/25

  • We have had 110 adoptions since we opened November 2019.
    We love our alumni and welcome updates from their new fur-ever homes. If you are interested in adopting one of our cats, please fill out an Adoption Application with CATS CAN.

    1. Thomasina
    2. Curious
    3. Kohl
    4. Bette Davis
    5. Pincachy
    6. Mochie
    7. Buttons
    8. Silvia
    9. Asparagus
    10. Loki
    11. Lemonade
    12. Gem
    13. Monty
    14. Tigra
    15. Hope
    16. Fancy
    17. Romeo
    18. Dexter
    19. Lucy
    20. Joy
    21. Bubba
    22. Doris
    23. Dill
    24. Paris
    25. Amy
    26. Brie
    27. Lydia
    28. Al
    29. Raymond
    30. Gina
    31. Gobi
    32. TT
    33. Stratus
    34. Cumulus
    35. Minnie
    36. Tayla
    37. Ming
    38. Toby
    39. Khaleesi
    40. Mumsy
    41. Mims
    42. Otis
    43. William
    44. Painter
    45. Harry
    46. Trina
    47. Lavender Brown
    48. Isabel
    49. Big Red
    50. Dara
    51. Vincent
    52. Scottie
    53. Mason
    54. Shanti
    55. Harry
    56. Caddy
    57. Faline
    58. Hazel
    59. Marley
    60. Annie
    61. Savin
    62. Mustard
    63. Spirit
    64. Emma
    65. Chris
    66. Noodles
    67. Gizmo
    68. Toby
    69. Kelly
    70. Oodles
    71. Rey Rey
    72. Kimchi
    73. Lily
    74. Kris
    75. Shilo
    76. Kisses
    77. Jellybean
    78. Licorice
    79. Carissa
    80. Roscoe
    81. Moose
    82. Samson
    83. Sawyer
    84. Scout
    85. Teddy
    86. Lavalette
    87. Julius
    88. Bru
    89. Biggy
    90. Umi
    91. Lady
    92. Pickles
    93. Florrie
    94. Tilly
    95. Melody
    96. Connor
    97. Beatrice
    98. Ava
    99. Adeliza
    100. Oreo
    101. Ginny
    102. Peter
    103. Liddy
    104. Jellybean
    105. Licorice
    106. Cricket
    107. Apon
    108. Harlem
    109. Joachim
    110. Smoochie
  • "Cats are connoisseurs of comfort."
    James Herriot
  • "The smallest feline is a masterpiece."
    Leonardo da Vinci
  • "I have lived with several Zen masters - all of them cats."
    Eckhart Tolle


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You can make reservations for cat time and special events online. We recommend reservations on weekends as it tends to get busy.
  • Reservations for Cat Time and Other Events
Party Packages start at $100

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